A glimpse of the best Gold stocks to buy now

Price of gold and its value has gone uphill since the last two decades. Investing in the gold stocks has been highly profitable as the value of gold rises with its price. Gold stocks are usually stocks offered by the gold mining companies. Value of gold is respected across borders and the value will live on.

During times of crisis, you can buy gold stocks, especially when there is high risk of inflation and fluctuating value of stock. It is a good idea to take a quick look on the best gold stocks to buy during such times. The process of calculating the best gold stocks to buy now is simple. First, collect data about the stock market from the financial news channels and online portals. Knowing the fundamentals of the gold mining company is a prudent way to analyze its future. By studying the technical analysis and reports, one can make the right decision. It is important to remember that a company with high debt has a negative impact even if it makes a bit of profit.

It has been observed that when stock price of many corporations are declining, position of gold stocks remained undisturbed. So, many expert stock analysts consider gold stocks as a safe haven during an economic crisis.  Investing in the Exchange Traded Funds is better than buying individual gold stocks. Many of the exchange traded funds first collect stocks of different gold mining companies after thorough analysis of their future trends. This minimizes risks associated with the investment. In case of Exchange Traded Funds or ETF, performance of a single mining company does not impact overall performance of the fund.

A constant monitoring of different websites and business news channels provide a better picture of the market. Online self research also helps to know the current market trends and the profitable gold stocks to buy now. Before investing, it is necessary to read all the details mentioned within the offer documents.

Few of the best gold stocks to buy now from NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) are as follows:

  • AngloGold Ashanti
  • Barrick Gold
  • Goldcorp
  • Gold Fields
  • Newmont Mining

There are many reasons behind high demand of the gold stocks. Since 1970’s, the price of gold has increased and it had a direct impact upon the rise of gold stocks. Still, gold is the most sought after metal of the planet. At times of financial crisis gold has been used by several countries to stabilize the economy.

During 2012, it is expected that the value of gold stocks from companies like Paramount Gold and Silver Corp (PZG), Midway Gold Corp (MDW), ProShares Ultra Gold (UGL) and Gold ETF will rise.

There are many online newsletters offering gold stock to investors. With professional grade research and close market analysis, these sites offer better insights. For novice investors, it is best to buy within a limit after proper research and study the market conditions. After studying the market value of performance of the gold stocks, it is better to invest for higher returns.

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