Buying the stocks online without brokers – An insight

In this era of ecommerce, there are simple processes of buying stocks online. Without paying commissions, you can buy stocks and sell them off online. Seasoned investors are creating and managing their own portfolio as it is actually comfortable to manage self investment. Instead of relying upon third party, you get the chance of making your own decision when you know how to buy stocks online without a broker. You must have knowledge, experience and adequate information about the stock market when you are ready to invest without any middleman.

Direct Payment Plan

By visiting a company’s website it is possible to know which companies are offering Direct Purchase Plan or DPP. Many of the leading corporations offer direct payment plan. Interested investors should know the various policies associated to the direct investment plans. Usually, a certain amount needs to be invested; still there are many companies which do not have any minimum investment amount.

Investors can create their accounts online, by providing the necessary details. Thereafter, with username and password, it is possible to log in and invest. As no broker is allowed to participate in such transactions, the investment is managed by a transfer agent. Many of the transfer agents do not charge any processing fee.

Buy single shares of stock

There are many specialty corporations that allow you to invest in single shares of stock. Actually, such stocks are used as novelty gifts and when you invest in such stocks, you become eligible for the DRIP or Dividend Reinvestment Plan for the particular stock. Once you start buying stocks alone, you will enjoy the convenience. In case you are employed with a company and you seek stock of that company, you get the facility of self trading under ESPP or Employee Stock Purchase Plan.

There are many online newsletters doing the rounds and it is advisable to go through them when you are trading without involvement of any broker. While self trading, you have to track the ups and downs of the market. Buying a stock at a lower price and then selling it off at a higher price is never easy for novice investors.

There are many factors which influence the indexes and to know them, you have to be updated with the latest business news. It is a good idea to save the transaction costs by directly selling and buying stocks. While enrolling to purchase stocks online, you must go through each and every terms and conditions carefully.

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